FS: Sonore ultraRendu, UltraCap LPS-1 PS & Sonore DC-4 Cable

I am selling my ultraRendu and UpTone Audio UltraCap LPS-1 power supply with a Sonore DC-4 umbilical cord to connect the PS to the ultraRendu.

The units are only 9 months old and are in mint condition , including original packaging. Total cost last September was $1450 and I am looking to sell for $999 plus shipping (happy to ship worldwide from the U.S.).

These units, along with a Mutec MC3+USB ( subject of a separate post) have been the Roon source into my Naim System (NAP300/NAC252/NDX) and have done a brilliant job. I now have the new Naim NDX2 on order and that supports Roon natively hence me selling.

Please PM me with any questions and I am happy to provide pictures if required.

Re posting !!

Hi… Can you elaborate a bit on what made you change from separates towards an ethernet onboard streamer/dac like the Naim NDX2… I am exactly that decision process right now… all my FLAC are on a NAS… my music room is somewhere else in the house, with a very good ethernet connection. So cannot make my mind up now whether to go for something like the Naim ND5 XS2, having ethernet and DAC onboard in one box… or for the streamer (uR, LPS-1) and USB Dac solution… i read different opinions, am not a techie educated guy either… so trying to understand pro/con of ethernet onboard vs. dedicated streamer + usbonly dac solutions

I think the original poster was simply upgrading from NDX to NDX2 so no longer needed the ultrarendu to get Roon to his system.

I have gone the route of raspberry Pi to ultrarendu into a DAC and have come to the conclusion that one is better to go for a product that has been engineered to have a low noise floor and not suffer sonic interference. I went for an Auralic Aries but could just have easily chosen the NDX2. If you don’t already have a fairly decent DAC the NDX2 is a great choice.

The internet is full of tweaks to get the best out of usb audio, save yourself the hassle and buy from a manufacturer that has already done all this work.

Edit: I see you’re mentioning ND5x2 for which my advice still stands.

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