FS: SOTM SMS-200 (Modded) [Price drop]

Early spring cleaning! Letting go of a bunch of stuff I do not use any more. All items ship free (Con. US only). Buyer pays PayPal or use friends-and-family.

Cross posting from CA forum, pictures can be found here.

SOTM Trifecta : Modded SMS-200 (clock input) Asking $299.

Dlink switch (clock input). Comes with all required clock cables (I have short 6 inch ones too), original boxes, power supplies (except 12V txUsbUltra does not come with one). Excellent and working condition.
Aires Mini: In original box, near mint condition with all supplied accessories (no free Tidal subscription).
LPS 1.1 : Excellent working condition with the energizing supply.
Curious USB link cables: Type A-B 200mm link

Price drop. $299 now for modded sMS-200

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