FS: SOtM SMS-200 [Sold]

I am selling an SMS-200 Network Endpoint. Owned for ~ 6 months, in mint condition. Comes with original packaging and all accessories.

$350. Price includes shipping to lower 48 and PayPal fees.

I’m interested in your SOtM unit. Do have a history or either ebay or audiogon? Thanks.


P.S. I’m known as dkpack99 on both of those sites and have a proven track record as a serious buyer!

P.P.S. - Any chance you’re in the Chicagoland area?

Yes, I have history on both usaudiomart and audiogon under user nquery.

I am in Seattle.

Thanks, I guess I’m still trying to figure out how to set up room. If it’s still around when I figure out a Core I’ll get back to you. Good luck until then!


if you can ship to the uk I will take this

Hello - is this item still available?

Thanks - Joe

Hi no it’s long sold. anyone know how to close/edit the title of this thread to mark it as sold??