FS: SOtM SMS-200

We have two lightly used SOtM SMS-200 streamers available. Clients upgrading to the new Ultra 200/500 Neo set. Units include boxes, packing, manual and accessories. Private message us if you are interested. Thanks for looking! $350 plus shipping.

Hi Brian: I am a total novice with absolutely no understanding of technology–certainly not able to understand the community posts although I keep seeing certain points coming up. I am a retired lawyer with only office computer experience (Word, enterprise software, etc) but I am and have been a stalwart audiophile for decades. To that end, I’ve been very interested in computer audiophile and have joined a number of groups to see if I could learn more about it. I have also purchased Roon software in the belief (based upon the ads) that I could safely install and configure it to my home. NOT SO! Truly, the train has left the station. Still, I am undaunted and have been trying to find technicians with both audio and computer experience to help me with my multi-room system. Having said that, I recently viewed a video by Hans Beek. on the SOtm SMS-200 which he literally raved about. I’m still unsure precisely what it is that a streamer does but apparently this model does it really well and is Roon ready. Do you have the time or inclination to provide a concise explanation as to how I can incorporate it at home? If you do (and I would certainly understand if you don’t want to do this) and if it would be a good purchase for me I would be inclined to pursue it. Also, does it come with an outboard linear power supply? That was something that Hans thought to be very important. Please describe. Many thanks for your consideration. Dave.

I’m pretty sure it was the “ultra” version of this that Hans raves about.

The forum is quite a friendly place, perhaps post a new thread about what you have done so far and where Roon has failed to work for you.

I know Roon pride themselves on it not needing too much computer know how.

It’s usually something very simple when one cannot set Roon up.



We are happy to work with you and help you anyway we can. I sent you a direct message. Thanks for the reply!

Thanks Brian! Got the message. All the best to you.


Thank you very much for your words of encouragement. Indeed, this is a very friendly, and very learned, group of enthusiasts!


Are they still available?