FS: SOtM SMS200 Ultra (12v), Modded D-Link Switch (Crux Audio), sPS-500 power supply [SOLD]

12v version, clock output to modded D-Link switch (upgraded capacitors etc, clock input). Power supply (available separately). Clock and upgrade by Crux Audio. All excellent condition, original packaging, lightly used. Looking for £750 (now £650) for Ultra plus switch, £325 for power supply, both plus shipping. Not too many recent sales so it’s difficult to gauge pricing. Sounds fantastic.

More detail of the type of mod here

Preventing noise through the Ethernet is a worthwhile audible improvement (IMHO)

This is the sMS 200/Ultra plus modded switch.

The product is great so the price must be wrong so reduced to £650.

Hi @anon72719171 - I am sorely tempted but it’s just to soon after Christmas for me!! Normally I would rip your arm off. I have even fantasized where they would fit on my rack!

Christmas has a lot to answer for…How about go rob someone? :wink:

There’s an sPS bid £390 on ebay just now, so I guess I’ll market these elsewhere. Open to offers though.(eventually sold for £461, go figure)

Hi Barrowboy,

Are you still open to an offer on here of £650.00 for the SMS200 Ultra and Switch?



PM sent. Re sale.

Sold. Thanks.