FS: SOtM Ultra Triple set [SOLD]

I’m selling my SOtM Ultra Triple set comprising sPS-500 power supply unit with splitter cable, sMS-200 Ultra network player 12V with clock input, tX-USBUltra regenerator 12V with clock input.
tX-USBUltra comes with USB cable and I will include a short DH Labs USB cable to connect the sMS-200 Ultra and tX-USB Ultra.
All units less than three months old and in mint condition. All original packaging and user manuals.
Will sell abroad, but please be aware that the power supply is 240V only. Customs charges and any import duties etc. are the responsibility of the buyer. Sorry, will not split. Buyer pays postage.
Please PM me for details and price.

Hi, only 3 months old!
Didn’t they worked as you wanted?

And why UK sale only?
I have noticed this recently you UK sale only.
And other’s USA sale only!
Roon is worldwide so you are limiting your market to selling products, a big way!
It’s shouldn’t get under Sales and Trades when it’s a limited country, that is aloud to buy it!

Domestic shipping avoids extra postal hassles dealing with customs. I live in the USA, and rarely ship outside of the United States.

That’s strictly for the seller to decide, there are no “Roon Forum” rules on this.

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  1. They run on 240V only
  2. For reasons that @rrwwss52 points out.

Hi @Carl
It’s okay I just wrote my opinion about it!
And I didn’t use any “bad” words or wrote anything personal offending, against no one!

Love & Respect

Just saying, this is not valid for shipping within the EU

I have amended my advert to include dispatch to foreign countries, but please bear in mind that the power supply is 240V only.

Are you still selling?
Don’t seem to have an option to PM

Yes, still available with the remainder of the guarantee.
Please PM me for further details.

Price now dropped to £1500 plus postage.

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