FS: Stax 009 headphones [Withdrawn]

Selling my Stax 009 headphones.
Excellent condition, complete with outer cardboard as well as inner wood box and manual.

I can take more pics if required.
Stand not included.

Wow. I bet they sound great listening to this! :wink:

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I only just bought some Sennheiser HD800S, but I’m already trying to work out if my headphone amp could power the Stax (Schiit Jotunheim 2). Probably too early in my headphone career, but would love a pair one day.

They require an energiser I think. A regular amp can’t power them.

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You’re right, Stax Electrostatics require an energiser &, depending on the model, Standard or Pro outputs (Many energisers have both).

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I pm’d him when he posted and told him it wasn’t suitable.


This will power them perfectly