FS: Technics SL1000 mk2p [SOLD]

Selling a rare Technics SL1000 mk2p. It was made for the Swedish Radio in 1980, and is based on the SP10 mk2. It’s a pro version of the SL1000 mk2, containing a MM RIAA, headphones amp, listening monitor, adjustable high cut filter, balanced line level output and monitor output. The arm is an EPA and 100p, the pro version of EPA 100. The top plate of the SP10 mk2 has been sanded down and repainted due to corrosion under the original paint and some general wear. Most electrolytic capacitors have been changed. Headshell and pickup not included.

Asking price: €1600
The turntable is located in Norway.
More pictures and information on request.



Now €1800.

That is one of the coolest tables I’ve ever seen.

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Beautiful turntable, never seen one like that before, good luck with the sale.

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Thank you, it could be yours.

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Now even cheaper, €1700!

€1600! A bargain!

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Now €1500.

Still for sale???

Sorry, it’s sold. @admin please close the thread.