FS: Vintage Threshold model FET ten/hl [SOLD]

Ive had this pre Amp for about a year. It is in excellent condition. It has been refurbished at a local stereo shop. The newspapers in the box it came with are dated 9/9/01 and a few that talk about 9/11.
It has all the original packaging(Box, owners manual etc).
It is a really nice preamp. I am replacing it with a PSAudio BHK pre. I was amazed at how close it is to the BHK pre. I like the BHK better but was really impressed that it wasn’t a ton better.
I bought it for $1850 and am hoping to get $1300 for it. I will split shipping of the buyers choice.
here is a review from Stereophile if interested.
Thank you

FYI, you don’t seem to have included the link for the Stereophile review.

Darn it you are right
Thank you

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Sold? I am interested in it if still available.

Hi Laurie
Yes some time ago had forgotten I’d even listed it here

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