FS: W4S Recovery + Curious Regen Link

Hi All

For sale excellent USB conditioner and top quality USB cable.

Wyred 4 Sound Recovery Revision C : comes in original box with SMPS and USB cable. Highly recommend using a better LPS if you can with this - I have been using the Uptone LPS-1 and it sounds sweet!

Curious Cable Regen Link 200mm A > B : comes in original box.

Selling as a bundle for UK £225 with free P&P (UK only)

If interested please PM and I can ship after bank transfer.

Thanks for looking!

Due to lack of interest I will list this on Ebay, in the interim happy to sell separately with a reduction in price, if anyone is interested.

W4S Recovery £150

Curious Regen Link £60


Hi Jonathan, I am interested in the Curious Regen Link. Is it still available? What is the final price? Any chance you can ship it to Hong Kong? Thanks! Alex

Hi Alexandu - sorry but I am only selling this in the UK.

Plus can the moderator please mark this is closed with the item not available on this forum, thanks!