Full export of user Play history

Currently users can only export a limited version of their play history, with a few steps:

There isn’t a specfic option to export a selection or all tracks from your play history to a spreadsheet from the ‘My History’ page (it can only be done one track at a time - perhaps something to do with the way Roon handles streaming v. local music files), but you can select the desired tracks in your play history, then add those to a playlist.

From the specific playlist listing, you can select and export those tracks as a spreadsheet.

The included useful fields are somewhat limited to Artist, Album, Album Artist, and Composer.

My request is for an option from the ‘My History’ screen to export the desired tracks from our play history, and that the exported *.xls file includes all relevent/useful fields - Genre, Release Year, etc…

Even more functionality could be added with the Focus/Filter elements also added to the ‘My History’ page.

Thank you.


Yes, I’d love this!

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I add my voice in support of this. A friend and I were enjoying Roon the other night and he asked for a listing of the tracks that we played. I thought it would (and should) be a two minute job, but what functionality there is (History->Create Playlist->Export to Excel) doesn’t really work. Only about 15 to 20 of the 50 or so tunes we listened to over the course of several hours were exported which is very disappointing. This would be a great/must-have feature, in my opinion.

Agree! The ability to export all the fields displayed for some or all tracks of the history into excel would be an excellent feature. Useful for so many reasons.