Full Meridian System and Signal Path

A basic question which I’m hoping someone could explain.

Regarding the signal path function within Roon GUI when used within a complete end-to-end MQA enabled Meridian set-up.

Q. As the speakers in a Meridian system also provide the rendering function in full MQA unfold, why do they not appear within the signal path chain? Why stop at the ID41 for illustration purposes?

Posting a screenshot of the path you are talking about might help :slight_smile:

They don’t show as Roon interacts with your primary endpoint. I doesn’t know the DSP speakers. You will have to trust Meridian are doing the right thing… I do … :joy:

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Simply because the Sooloos Meridian system is not “Roon Ready”, nor does it provide similar bi-directional informational and control functions. In fact, we don’t even know what 8xx unit the ID41 resides in. It could be an 808.5 which has no MQA capability or it could be an 808.6 like you have (or an 818 etc.)

So the inability of Roon to determine if anything resides beyond the ID41 because Meridian doesn’t currently allow it?

You think we might get that functionality … eventually?

Could we put that one on the Roon ‘To Do’ list? :blush:

I have a Meridian 210 streamer feeding a 218 Pre amp and DSP speakers… Roon only shows the 210 as a Roon Ready device. I cannot see them being able to do any more. The MQA leds tell me my signal integrity is good and DSPs show MQA and OSF.
That’s all I expect I need to know.

It’s not a question of “allow”. The Meridian Sooloos protocol pre-dates Roon by quite some time. As Chris says, the speakers don’t talk to the controller in that way either.

Not with the Meridian Sooloos protocol and ID41 card. The only possibility is that Meridian produces an 808.7 with a Roon Ready ID42 card.

Sorry, but no…

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Joel, what have Meridian yet to do before they qualify for ‘Roon ready’?

Where do they fall short? Subjects?

Is that ever likely seeing as surely they need to work with yourselves as Sooloos is dead … ?

New hardware from Meridian. This one is not in Roon’s gift.

Enlightening. Thanks for the insight.