Full Migration Help Required

Hi Guys

Currently I run Roon on my Windows 10 PC and the music files are on an external HDD connected to it via USB. I have recently got a Synology NAS and have copied all my music files over from the USB to a shared folder on the NAS. I have also installed an SSD on the NAS, created a RoonServer shared folder and installed the headless Roon Server package on it. I would like Roon Server to run on the NAS and use the music files on the Shared Folder on my NAS. Is there an easy way to do this. I have already created a backup of my library on the PC. Thanks for any help or advice.

I am not able to help you, but would like to warn you that you need to make a backup on the Nas, preferrably in another share than your music share).
Chances that your Nas Roon Server can access the backup on your Windows10 computer is close to zero.
Another possibilty is to make your backup on the removable USB hard drive, as you can plug that drive in your Nas, where that disk becomes available as ‘USB-share’.

Follow the migration guide.

Thanks for the replies. I was looking really for a “Dummies Guide”, for instance when backing up my library which is on my C drive and refers to music files stored on an external HDD (J:) then restoring the library to my NAS shared folder (B:) with a copy of my music files on B:, does Roon handle this all automatically? Do I need to change drive letters so that the library on the NAS will now look for it’s music files on the same NAS? Do I have to ensure that the top level folder on my J Drive (Music) is the same as the top level folder on my Synology NAS shared folder?

Thanks for any help


I used my current PC Core and updated all music storage locations to point to the music stored on the HDDs on the Synology NAS. Works a treat using my PC as RoonServer.

Created a RoonServer shared folder on my NAS SSD (Administrators R/W, Everyone R).
Installed RoonServer on NAS SSD
Backed up my database on my PC and restored it to my NAS RoonServer (on the SSD)

When I now try and use Roon on the NAS, it just hangs at the jellyfish for ever.
I’ve added a snippet of the logs which I think shows a disconnect between the database and music library so any advice how to fix is greatly appreciated