Full support for macOS dark mode

As of macOS 10.14 (Mojave) there is a Dark Mode which is a good match for Roon’s Dark theme, but I had to specifically enable it for roon using this terminal command:

defaults write com.roon.Roon NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance 0

I believe it would be possible for Roon to automagically pick up on whether the OS is in dark mode and that would be a nice touch.

One more catch is that the search bar now shows with black text on a very dark background (surrounded by white

Would it be possible to tweak these UI features for the mac client? There are hints that Android will be making its dark mode accessible to the masses too, now that Apple have made it trendy :roll_eyes: so hopefully parts of the integration effort could be reused?

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Please do that devs. +1

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+1 from me too, hope this is on the cards.

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2.5 years later…nothing. Very, very disappointing glacial progress, despite numerous requests


If Spotify can manage it, so can Roon. Please fix the white bar in dark mode!


+1 for this. I am a new Roon user and am disappointed that Roon doesn’t have the ability to respect the native setting of the operating system, but I find it even more shocking that any artificial dark mode would leave the window title bar white.


+1 from me on the automatic dark mode (match system appearance). It’s nice that both a white and black scheme are on offer, but having it switch automatically is a macOS thing that most apps do. Please Roon devs, add that to the feature set and thank you!

I second @Keith_Bage 's point about dark mode: At present, the macOS window bar at the top stays white even when in dark mode. I added a screenshot to illustrate.

The Sonos app in contrast manages to present even the macOS top window bar in black as illustrated in the next screenshot. A seemingly small difference but it really changes the entire appearance and contrast, which is the point when in dark mode.