Full width waveform, please

I would agree. I used to use the waveform frequently in 1.7 and now it is much more difficult to navigate with the waveform in 1.8 (and this is on a MacBook with an external monitor).
Roon development team, please return the waveform to a more functional size.


Linking in to my previous post and as an example, just look at this luscious waveform seekbar that can be used with Foobar:

Such beauty, such detail, such accuracy when jumping to a part of a track. Something akin to that within Roon would made it look so much more “audiophile”. The above one can even be customised with different colours or renderings.

Comparing that with the current waveform seekbar iteration in Roon just highlights the problem further:



Would’nt want that monster in the first pic to clutter the UI. Cant get any approximation of semi-erotic feelings out of any waveform.

Then you can’t consider yourself a true audiophile :rofl:

Of course the pic is just showing what can be done - I’m sure the Roon team can make improvements to the seekbar without making things look cluttered!


A reminder to some of the posters… this thread is a feature request to reinstate the full width waveform. I am one that wants it quickly returned.


:joy::joy::joy: Thats quite ok. I consider myself more a Musicophile than „only“ an Audiophile. Its the next-level-up Karma :pray: (OT)

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Thank you for your contribution and the comparison pictures.
I totally agree. I also use Foobar on the PC, this is a gigantic tool anyway.

For listening in the living room, Roon was and is awesome. For me, the design of version 1.7 was more than sufficient for the function, but with 1.8 it is hardly a pure design element without function (ipad).

How nice it can be to be able to play a certain part of the music without having to search for a long time. :musical_score: :notes: :violin: :notes: :musical_keyboard: :notes: :drum: :notes:

That is sweet. I hope Roon can add something similar for streaming services.