Function: Send Album to DAP

Dear Guys,

I am more the reader then the poster, so thanks for all your questions and posts. I tried the search function but could not find something similar.

I would like to see follwing function:

If i connect a DAP or MP3 Player or any other portable player device, it would be very nice if Roon could ifdentiy this. On any Album or track or Playlist or similar, i would like to have the option: “Send to Audio Player” or “Send to portable” so the music is direclty transferred to your Player. Optionally there can be a choice if Roon should transcode this automatically in a lower Qualtiy to make sure limited space is managed properly.

I know that the software “media monkey” is having multiple options to transfer music files to a player, but i really love Roon, so i want to stay in this environment.

Lets see if this has asked someone already or maybe other people would find this a cool option.

Greetings an Kind regards