Functionality Regression in 1.4 - DSD+Volume Leveling on Bluesound [Resolved B294]

I believe I have found a regression with the latest 1.4 release and Bluesound. The following scenario always fails:

DSD file sent to Bluesound with Volume leveling set to “auto.” The controller issues an error and no DSD file will play. Turn volume leveling off, it works fine. Volume leveling works with all other files, DxD, HiRez Flac, etc. It seems only to be a problem with DSD. Anyone else see this?

This scenario worked flawlessly on 1.3. It should be noted however that about the time 1.4 was released, there was also a FW update from Bluesound.

My Configuration:
Synology 3615 XS+ running Roon Core on SSD, 16GB of Memory
3 Bluesound Node2 Endpoints – all physically wired to router – no Wireless connection
#1 Bluesound Node2 connected to DAC via Coax out
#2 Bluesound Node2 connected to headphone amp via RCA analog out
#3 Bluesound Node2 connected to powered speakers via RCA analog out
Control of playback from iPhone and iPads
Netgear Nighthawk R9000 Router (X10)
Current SW/FW on all systems
Music Library = ~6500 Albums / ~90K Tracks, Redbook FLAC, HiRez FLAC, DxD and DSD


Hi John,

I believe Roon is aware of this and a fix is in the works.

Cheers, Greg

Same problem here, thank you for the workaround. Now i can at least listen to my DSD albums without volumeleveling until the fix is released!

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@Subpixel @c2c2c2 - Build 294 is out!

It’s fixed! Thank you!

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