Funnel filter negation

Is there a way to negate the Funnel filter, meaning to display items that do not include a keyword like with Focus ?

Not directly. But, for library searches, via a bit of a work around you could achieve it by
assigning a tag to the filtered output, (select all, 3 dots, new tag, add to tag)
then resetting,
focus on the tag,
and negating that.

Bookmark result for easy returning

@BrianW - how do you use the ‘focus’ tool (the one with the graphs and pie chart) to focus on the tags you have created? In the focus tool I can see the roon-tags under ‘genres’ but nowhere do I see my own tags. Thanks.

Ahh, you don’t use the focus box to focus on a tag…(confusing, sorry)
I meant choose the tag via the box to the right of focus


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