Funnel filter: please include spaces in search string

When filtering My Albums by ‘abba’ (for example) I get albums by ABBA, albums by Jazz Sabbath and Black Sabbath, and anything else that contains the string ‘abba’. This is to be expected. However, when I filter by ’ abba’ or 'abba ', i.e. abba, prefaced or followed by a space, I get exactly the same results. Could the filter be amended to take account of spaces as this would make searching for specific strings a bit easier.

In the systems I’ve worked on normally leading/trailing blanks are truncated to improve search results. Spaces inside text are still respected. So, ‘AB BA’ would not return anything with abba in it. Just Curious, What you need a space outside of the search term for?

Need is too strong a term. In the example I gave it would be useful to be able to search for just ‘abba’, not abba embedded within other words. ‘Dig’ is another example. If I want to find an album with ‘dig’ in the title but can’t remember the rest of it (e.g. Dig Your Own Hole, The Chemical Brothers) I have to wade through albums by John Digweed, The Prodigy and David Rogigan and album titles that contain the words digital, digging, verdigris and so on. I have three albums with the word dig in the title, but funnelling on ‘dig’ returns 39 albums.

I have two albums with the word ‘hum’ in the title. Funnelling on ‘hum’ produces 57 albums.

I have four albums with the word ‘low’ – but, for obvious reasons, 248 funnelled albums.

It’s no big deal, it’s just happened quite a few times so thought I’d raise it as a feature request.

The issue is that the filter is a contains search, so even if it didn’t strip out leading/trailing spaces, it would then need to match up " abba" which would still exclude abba since there is not a leading space in the actual artist name. You want an exact match search which is different.

I guess Roon could code the filter to change to an exact match search if you put the search text in Quotes. ie “abba” with no spaces.

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Yep, that would work for me.

Or a check box the for exact match. One click toggle on/off rather than adding quotes.

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I’m not too bothered about how its implemented, I just think that it would be a useful feature to have, so a check box would work just as well as quotes.