Funniest song lyrics in roon?

Not sure who writes the lyrics to songs that end up in Roon but the lyrics purportedly from the song Time of the season originally recorded by The Zombies but here from Big Bertha on the new Cherry Red compilation Once Upon A Time In The West Midlands : The Bostin’ Sounds Of Brumrock 1966-1974 .
I submit a small sample from the song :slight_smile:

I would’ve never guessed this team would be 2.0 and it almost pains me to put him number one,
but I compared this team’s week 2 versus the other 2.00 opponents and he beat them both, So this weird mix of a team is playing really well and has a matchup against __ranked Lola’s Real Daddy. He should move to 3.0 and start the season off on the fast track to a big payoff berth. Good news Jabari is ahead of schedule. This team will continue to get better. Prediction 6-3

There are another 11 verses in a similar vein.

One wonders if the writer ingested a prohibited substance before writing these ‘lyrics’ or perhaps they were the work of an AI bot. They certainly bare little resemblance to Rod Argent’s classic tune.