Further Support For Some New Features

I am a new subscriber still in the trial period. Thank you for your great product! I am also a new Tidal subscriber after having moved through Rhapsody (for many years), Spotify, and Google Play. I also have a large CD and vinyl collection going back to the 60’s. I have been using JRiver as well. I would not have changed to Tidal without the integration you offer and would not have changed to you from JRiver without that Tidal integration.

That being said Roon and Tidal together are very impressive and a considerable improvement in most ways, most importantly sound quality. I agree with many of the suggestions made already in this long thread. Among those most important to me are:

  1. Remote access to my Roon library at the office via an internet connection.
  2. Improved ability to sort and edit playlists, album, and artist lists. A sortable list view would be great.
  3. Improved lyrics. The current lyric service, is, as has been noted, woefully incomplete. Google Play is way better as are other non-integrated services as you know.
  4. A sleep timer.
  5. Seems to be a glitch in recognizing individual artists in compilation albums in playlists but not under the album listing itself. Maybe I am doing something wrong here. I know I can edit these but…
  6. Video at some point. Not very impressed with Tidal here. YouTube Red is way better and integration with that service for those of us who subscribe would be great.

That is really it so far. I am very pleased to have made this switch and look forward to Roon getting better and better.

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