Further Tagging Problems

A bootleg album is split into 2 albums so I went into the edit metadata and changed the “Artist” but the changes are not reflected in the album view.

On another note 1 of the albums that previously was showing up as 2 has suddenly merged into 1 which is how it should be. This change happened after multiple attempts on my part as well as several times opening/closing Roon.

Have you asked Roon to re-extract the metadata?

Hi Evan,

I have sent the album mentioned in the second paragraph to Roon and am waiting to hear back.

I will likely request that in the near future.

Just corrected the artist on another album but Roon is not showing the new data.

To repeat what @evand asked you, have you rescanned the album in Roon?

Click the Pencil, and under Your Files choose Re-scan Album.

Also, @Mark_Ozdoba, can you confirm where your files are stored ? Local HDD, NAS etc ?

In some NAS related scenarios, tag changes are not picked up real-time and you will need to Force Rescan of the storage location.

Yes, to no avail.

These particular files are on the same laptop as Roon.