FYI: ROCK Works Great On My Cheap Non-NUC Setup

Last year I was looking to replace my dead Squeezebox setup so built a cheap box to run Roon. I installed Roon server on it and it worked fine but I had a few hiccups here and there (probably due to my error, not the machine’s). Here’s the topic I started about that build (along with the components I used). Total investment was $210:

So, when I checked back here a couple months ago and saw that ROCK was available I immediately installed it to see if it would work. Well, I’m happy to report that it works beautifully, no problems at all!

I know ROCK is built to run on NUC’s but even the cheap setups are more than 2x what I paid for my box last April. My bet is you could probably build one today for close to the same price, maybe even less. The install of ROCK went perfectly and I was able to restore my most recent Roon backup with zero problems.

I guess I should end by saying “Try at your own risk” but, for the price, I think its well worth trying!

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