FYI: Silent Hard Drive Recommendation

I’ve seen a post or two from members who are stating that they are moving away from NAS to local storage, or something along those lines. Personally, I’ve had a really hard time getting information on hard drives that actually are silent. Well, as a heads up to those who are looking to run local storage, I can confirm that Lacie’s Porsche hard drive is extremely quiet. I can’t hear it from 3ft away. My NAS in another room will still be used as a back-up to my music library, but the lack of any noise and the speed of the drive is well worth the $169 it cost me. I highly recommend it at this point.

I use three 8tb versions of these, they are very quiet although I have them installed away from my listening room.

I would say any SSD drive will be totally silent.


But an SSD will be quite expensive, once you need more than 1 TB…

Thanks for the tip. Any idea which drive brand/model is actually mounted inside the enclore ? Do you feel that the enclosure itself is making the drive even more silent ?
I’m also looking for a dead silent (internal) 2.5" drive to mount inside my core, to replace the NAS as my library.
Just as a temporary workaround, for the subpar “continuous rescan” on my NAS right now…

I’m not sure what’s inside, but it’s definitely dead quiet. As mentioned above, I still use my NAS to back the files up, so I’m not terribly concerned about a $169 drive dying. All I can say is that it’s at least as quiet as my mac mini.

Would you know if Lacie Porsche works with Sonictransporter, which is Linux OS?

I am looking for replacement to my WE hard drive which is way too noisy for the music room.