FYI source of NUC ROCK frustration - mangled SATA cable

On my NUC 7i5 Roon ROCK server I recently switched from an external OWC 2.5:" USB 3.0 HD powered by an iFi, to an internal 1tb WD SSD.

Started having a number of small issues with ROCK, finally culminating in a meltdown yesterday in communication between the OS and the SSD. Long story short, I’m now back to the external HD and the SSD is pulled, as well as the HD chassis. It appears that the SATA cabled was mangled and stripped where it wound through the chassis. That can’t be good I would imagine.

This could be a potential source of real frustration if you’re having storage discovery issues, occasional stoppages for no reason, etc so be sure to check it if using the internal SSD. I’m surprised it wasn’t worse than it was. Aftermarket $6.50 harness on the way and I’ll try it again.