FYI - The latest iOS can play high res files natively!

With the iOS latest update, the iPhone/iPad can now play high res files natively! I’m able to copy over a high-res 192 AIFF track using iTunes and play it natively on my iPhone using the Music app!

Previously, you could only play up to 48Khz files natively. (There were third-party apps that could do it).

If you’ve got an Android phone, the free Onkyo HF player app will also do this.

That’s the app I was using on iOS previously. I like the Music app user interface much better though it does not have EQ function (which I use on a rare occasion).

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The Onkyo HF player still has the advantage of DSD playback and upsampling too.

What file formats will IOS play? It used to be limited to Apple formats plus MP3.

I know it can play wav, aiff, ALAC and mp3. Not sure about FLAC (maybe not).