Galaxy Remote Connection stopped working [Solved]

I just had my Galaxy Tab A Software update and now I cannot connect to roon. It did connect initially allowing me to choose music which is playing. The app just won’t reconnect. I have checked that remotes are allowed. Nothing else has changed. Version 5.0.2

Hi Chris,
I made a new post for you in Support so @mike and @vova can more readily see it. Can you describe your system and the network the remote is connected to and check out these common connection problems. Those things will help with further investigation.

Hi andybob, my system is a window 10 laptop reading an Icybox via usb3 which works flawlessly. The Tablet remote and laptop are also on the same network. I stream to an MS200. The remote has worked from day one until the Android update today. (Lifetime subscriber)
I have AVG Free antivirus and cannot see a firewall to adjust. The tablet is used exclusively as a Roon remote.
The system plays via the Laptop perfectly so I still have music.
My computer knowledge is close to zero. Thanks for any help, Chris :slightly_smiling_face:

More info, the Tablet shows my core Windows 10, then IP address and version (1.1 (build 70) Stable) Then a Yellow dot and initialising… Then it briefly says connecting. This is stuck in a loop. I saw a red dot at one time. It’s all trying to work.

Positive news, I restarted my Android Tablet again and now Roon works.

I hope this is useful to others.

A further restart after the the restart initiated by the upgrade process is a very good idea.

Thank you, Chris :grinning:

Thanks Chris,
Pleased to hear it’s working again and certainly useful for others.
Good listening !