Galaxy s6 running Android 7 issue

I just installed the latest update and I’m having the same issue. I try to open the app on my galaxy s6 running Android 7 and it crashes as soon as it connects to the core. The core is an old Dell laptop.

Hi @Cale,

Can you provide some additional information about your Core machine and network?

Is there any change after rebooting or reinstalling?

Does the app freeze or does it completely close? Are there any error messages?

Core - Dell Inspiron 5521 w/ Intel Core i5-3337U @ 1.8GHz; 8GB RAM.

Network - Synology RT-2600ac router connected via ethernet to WD My Cloud and connected via wifi to Core, Chromecast and a Galaxy S6 running the Roon Remote app.

Uninstallting, reinstalling and rebooting the Roon Remote app didn’t solve the issue. Restarting the phone after reinstallation didn’t work, either.

When I open the app, it appears to (very) briefly connect to the Core, then it immediately shuts down. The connection is too fast for me to get a screenshot when it connects of what looks like the Roon home page. I don’t get any error messages. It simply shuts down.

Everything worked fine until the recent update, and it appears other Roon users are having similar issues. I recommend Roon make the previous version available until this one is fixed, as the remote is material to how Roon operates.


Thanks for the update, @Cale. I’ve passed this along to the team and we’ll be sure to reach out as soon as we have more information.

Umm…ok. Do you have any idea how long I’ll have to wait for the product that I’ve paid for to be…functional? Roon’s response to this has been a big disappointment.

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At a mimimum, Roon should allow users to reinstall the previous remote app. This is getting absurd and insulting.


Hi @Cale,

Downgrading is not supported due to incompatibility issues, but I can assure you that the team is hard at work on a solution for this and we will be releasing a fix as soon as possible. You have our apologies again for the trouble!

So I see this is going nowhere fast…

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Hi @Cale,

I’ve posted an update about this issue here:

Any progress here?

I had the same issue on a Galaxy S7, I reinstalled the app and it seems stable now

The Samsung Galaxy s6 isn’t a decade old. It came out in 2025.


We’ve released a new update, Roon 1.7 Build 528, which contains improvements that we believe will help with the issues you are experiencing here. Please see our release notes below:

The Team At Roon Labs

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