Gap in sound at end of DSD songs

Roon Core Machine

NUC i7 gen 10 16gig 128gig sad

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Nighthawk ax120 router with switches throughout house

Connected Audio Devices

Sonore signature se to maxtri spiff 2 psaudio direcstream dac.

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I just downloaded 2 albums from NativeDSD in 128dsd and at the end of each song there is a 1 second or 2 gap then the last 2 seconds play and then next song. Nothing else wrong. I have been having to reboot router lately. And twice it did pause to find core. Never happened before. Guessing router issues. Looking to see if that gap in sound could be network related. Always at the end of the song. I use DSP for room correction so dsd files take up a ton of cpu

If you turn off DSP does it still happen?
DSD files are large and this might be part of the problem that it takes a little time to apply it to these files

I was going to do that, but I dont want to listen w/o DSP. I think its something to do with network. It did seem to get better later. My router is giving issues. Going to reset that soon and see if I can repeat. it was just very strange it ONLY happened with 128 DSD (yeah really big files) and right at the end of each song. Like it was trying to start buffering the next and it made it skip. CPU was solid at 1.1x (I know really low) the whole song. So I think I am pushing the limits with the 128.

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I think you are right there. 1.1 doesn’t allow much of an allowance.
But also worth checking if you have audio leveling set on and track fading as that causes a lot of processing as well.
I remember having big issues and skip’s with this on my first Synology Core and then it was better on my first Nuc and it is pretty much perfect on my second more powerful Nuc

1.1 is probably it.
I ran dsd512 at 1.3x and while it never missed a beat , myself and many others considered that the absolute bottom line on processing and a surprise that it did not give me problems.
Maybe try dsd64 or a high rate of PCM like 705 or 768 and see what happens?

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Where are the audio leveling set on and track fading settings?

Brian I am traveling at the moment so do not have Roon to look at.
From memory press the volume button and then there is a settings button there.
You can set both in there and I would turn them off

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That might explain it. I don’t use Roon volume control in that zone. Sonore does not support that.

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