Gapless playback hiccups with .wav files?

Most of the audio in my library was ripped from CDs on a Mac, so is .aiffs. Right now I’m listening to a concert recording that 's .wav files because I ripped it in a Windows machine today, and I’m hearing short (<1 sec) silences between the tracks. Does the file format have any bearing?

When ripping the CD, there is usually a setting as Gapless which if not set correctly when ripping for example a concert, would rip each file with a gap in between each song.


I guess it would be kinda trivial to convert the .wav files to .aiff and see if it makes a difference?

I doubt it would.

nope: none of my CDs was ripped that way (XLD doesn’t even have, afair, such setting) and all do play gapless nonetheless

Thinking about it, though I was ripping this concert recording from a homemade CD, I have no idea how the recording started its life - the gaps may have been on the original disc. If it started as MP3s and “expanded” to a CD, the gaps would remain - which seems totally possible.

If so, then play the CD in any player and see if there is a gap between each song.


yeah that’s what I meant - I ripped my friend’s recording of his band while we were at work and he left w the disc - so I can’t go back to the source - so it was probably just a flawed product.

My mind immediately went to the different file type but this seems more likely