Garbled fonts in OS X

After a while the font in Roon becomes completely garbled. It’s hard to say what exactly triggers this. Putting the laptop to sleep / turning on the screensaver / running full screen might have something to with. I’m running Roon 1.1 Build 55.

This usually means Roon is running out of a graphics memory – it can happen due to issues with your graphics card, your operating system, other programs that are running, or the size of your collection. Usually a restart of Roon or a reboot of your computer will fix the issue, but let me know if you’re seeing this regularly, and we can gather some more information and take a look.

Sorry for the trouble!

The low-end graphics card might explain the issue (my library is about 500 songs, so I’m going to assume that’s not an issue). I only experience this on my Macbook Air 2011 (Intel HD3000). Definitely not the best card out there.

I don’t particularly care that much about this issue because this is a secondary computer. Nonetheless, shouldn’t it be possible to clear any old cached resource on the GPU? After all, the only thing you really need on the GPU is the current window. If all else fails, you can start swapping back and forth (very expensive on GPUs, I know…). And don’t take this as negative criticism, just thinking out loud.