Garbled music problem

I have Roon core installed on a Windows 10 PC that feeds into a Classe CP-800 preamp for DAC control. Since I upgraded to the latest version (1.7), I have been having troubles with music becoming “garbled”. Sorry, but I am struggling to find a better word to describe it.

Here is an example: I have a playlist going, it is running fine, then the next song breaks apart, sounding guttural and unrecognizable, very low-pitched… well, garbled. It appears to continue on, as if it was playing, but it is not recognizable as the song you are expecting. Subsequent songs remain the same garbled sound. To get it to go back to real music, I only have to hit stop and then play again. It goes back on and plays fine, until it breaks apart the next time.

As an experiment, last night I played a 40 song playlist straight-through. Roon went into garble-mode 3 times during that list.

All my music is Apple Lossless (MP4) format with an occasional MP3.

Any thoughts on what might be causing this problem? It NEVER happened before the upgrade to 1.7.

I am a lifetime Roon subscriber and love the product. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there was an answer for how to resolve? It is really quite annoying.


Hi @George_Hersh,

If you play to System Output or another endpoint besides the Classe CP-800 does the same behavior occur? Or is this exclusive to the CP-800?

Maybe that is my real problem. System output no longer works. Here is what I see when I select Audio in settings.

System Output (Called Media Room here) will simply not work at all. Well, not on Roon at least. iTunes plays fine. As does JRiver. Both, presumably over system output. But if I select Media Room/System Output in Roon, I get nothing. No sound at all. In fact, of all those shown in the pic attached, only Classe will work in Roon.

Hi @George_Hersh,

Can you share a screenshot of Device Setup for Media Room zone?

Since experiencing this issue have you tried rebooting your PC?

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