Gary Moore albums do not appear in Roon

Can someone help me? I have 25 Gary Moore albums on my HD. All tagged with MP3tag but whatever I do Roon only gives me 10 albums. I deleted the entire folder and uploaded it again several times but nothing changes.

Hi Wim,
I’ll shift this to Support for investigation.
Can you describe your setup as per this post.
What kind of file format are your files ?

If you turn on “Show Hidden Tracks and Albums” do the missing tracks/albums show up?

If so, they’re being automatically classified as duplicates.

If not, I’m sure we can help you get to the bottom of this.

The hidden track trick did not work.

I have Roon server active on a desktop PC with Intel Core i5 with 4Gig Ram 64 bits. The music is stored on a Qnap TS-459 Nas.Endpoints are a Meridian 861v4 [ID40], Apple TV gen 3 and je PC ofcourse.


Actual Albums on HD

Hello @Wim_Enting, sorry for troubles. I’ll help you to solve this issue. Before starting any troubleshooting procedures I advise you to make a backup of Roon database using these instructions.

Now, there are 2 things which can happen:

  1. Roon doesn’t see the files (1) due to: bug, unsupported file format, corrupted files ;
  2. Roon sees the files, but they are misidentified, and you can’t find them in the place where you expected them to be (2)

Let’s check case#2 first:

  1. Launch Roon > Open Settings > Go to Storage tab

  2. Disable all watched/organized folders and TIDAL account (if you use it).

    The goal of this step is that you’ll have an empty library and you’ll be able to spot any changes.

  3. Copy 15 missing albums, into a separate folder and set it as a watched folder in Roon.

  4. Open Albums browser and check whether these albums appeared in Roon.

Please, try these steps and leave your feedback in this thread and we’ll proceed troubleshooting based on your results.

Hi, thanks for responding. I’ve tried your sugestions but still no Gary Moore album. As a test i placed another album in that same folder and that one showed up but no Gary Moore album. The GM albums play well on any onther device I have (Squeezebox touch, Dune, PC ect) so the files are not corrupt. BTW all files are Flac.

OK, thanks for the feedback. Now it looks more like a problem with the software. We need to look through your logs to investigate the issue. In a while I’ll contact with you over PM with further instructions.