Gatefold album cover

I enjoy looking at Album covers while listening, just like with a LP cover. Only thing missing here is the backside of the cover and sometimes a complete gatefold - that would be awsome!

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I sometimes go on a quest (Amazon, Google, etc), and manually add these extra images to the music folder, you can then view them in Roon. I agree it adds to the overall enjoyment.

Or scan them yourself if you own the disc. The download services should at least include a PDF of the artwork/booklet. PDFs can also be viewed in Roon.

musicbranz sometimes has both front and back inserts from cds; these can be added to the music folder. I agree that labels should always include liner notes with a download.

All these solutions apply only to local files, which have a folder.
We need a way to associate content (jpg, pdf) to streamed content that is added to the library.

I have 4684 albums in the library, 1678 are local, 16 of those were added in the last year. 3006 are Tidal or Qobuz, and 1291 were added in the last year.

JPGs and PDFs must be associated in the database, not the file system. File system is so last millennium, @Danny.

Some Qobuz albums have link to pdf of the whole album artwork and info. Opens up within web browser. Would be nice if this could be included within the roon app.

Also would be nice if roon itself had this feature. If Qobuz has access to it, why can’t roon. Fulfills their claim to turn music more into record experience.

Wrong tense. It WOULD fulfill it if they actually DID it. Which they currently DON’T.


But even with Qobuz, just having this link that opens a browser breaks the experience. I’d rather have this artwork as a tab within roon where we choose lyrics, album cover, artist photo, and then if cd artwork was available, have that as an option. That would feel integrated.

Even so, I do use the link from time to time and makes me wish this was available for more albums. It’s the extra artwork and/or the backstory that makes the difference. Just access to the lyrics in pdf not useful anymore.

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I just checked Qobuz app and has a booklet icon. That just pops open the artwork within the app where you can scroll and zoom in. Very simple but integrated.

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