Gato Dia USB 2.0

Hello. I have my Gato Dia hooked on the Silent Angel Rhein through USB 2.0. I have enabled the Dia in Roon setup and I see it in the signal path.

Now the strange thing that is happening …

When I play tracks from Billy Holliday all is well, but when I play another random album in Roon I have no sound.


Can you detail the specifics of when it works and when it does not … for each case post …

  • Details of the album and track
  • Format of the track
  • Sample Rate of the track
  • An image of Roon’s Signal Path (when playing / attempting to play the track)

The latest 2 pictures i have no sound and the bit rate does not change to 44.1

Hi Leon,
Have you rebooted everything? From core to router ans from switch to endpoint and dac?
If this doesn’t work… What happens when you play another album with the same sample rate as the Billie Holliday album?
What happens when you downsample the Billie Holliday album using Roon’s dsp, to 44.1 kHz?

I found out that when i change in dsp settings too max PCM rate it play’s all my music. So everything wil be upsampled too 192Khz.

Good that you can play your music now.
But either the Gato or the Silent Angel is not working properly, because they should switch between sample rates without any problems.
Could you connect your core directly to the Gato via usb? Does it play all rates via this connection?

Sounds like it’s usb interface isn’t good with sample rate changes. Some earlier XMOS interfaces where known to do this. That’s why it’s working when you upsample.

I believe the Rhein is the core.

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My Gato is connected to the Core ‘Rhein’ directly via USB. The strange thing is when i take Custom in dsp engine and change the 44.1 too 192 Khz it also play’s music. So it’s only the 44.1Khz the rest it down samples without problems.

Maybe you can coonect a computer directly to the Gato’s usb port and play different sample rates, just to check?
Or maybe it’s easier to just enjoy the music for now and contact your dealer tomorrow?

Gato ore Silent Angel. I almost wanted to sent my unit too Denmark fore repair. Gato that is. i am happy most is solved for now. i’ll contact Silent Angel and see what they have to say.

I assume you are in The Netherlands? I know of a dealer in Vlaardingen that sells Gato. Maybe they can also help:

:ear: i will contac them and yes i am living in the Netherlands