GB-BACE-3000-FT-BW Brix Mini Computer

Would the GB-BACE-3000-FT-BW Brix Mini Computer make a good NAA endpoint ?

Yes, probably.

I’m using somewhat similar Logic Supply CL100 for a Windows-based NAA to feed T+A DAC8 DSD.

I would be using this to connect directly to my dac.Is there a noticeable difference in sound ?

At least when compared to Mac Mini running HQPlayer and with the DAC8DSD I didn’t notice other difference than lack of fan noise when compared at the same rate (DSD256 because Mac Mini cannot do better). :slight_smile:

Now I run HQPlayer in my office Xeon (Linux) and the NAA feeds the DAC8DSD, the machine doing heavy lifting is in another room. So the setup is acoustically quiet.

So the only benefit is removing the main computer from the listening room.I thought there was more to it like sound improvement ?

Depends on your DAC, the main computer and the system overall. You can give it a listen and decide if you find it make a difference or not.

Another benefit is being able to access multiple DACs from multiple computers without changing cable connections.

Usually NAA performs the best when it’s running on a small low power Linux machine with stripped down OS. That’s why I’m producing the CuBox-i/BeagleBone OS images.