Gear thoughts for migration to Roon 2.0

Hello, I have an old Macmini 2010 which was all good for Roon 1.8 but it is clear I need to do some investments to run 2.0. And that’s okay. I am just wondering how I can best take the steps as I can’t buy all at once.

Now: Roon core on Macmini ->USB → Chord 2 Qute → Musifal Fidelity ampifier - Dynaudio speakers.
Result is great by the way.

Now, I am thinking to switch the setup a little bit into
Desired: Roon core on Rock NUC → Roon 2.0 on SOtM streamer → USB → Chord 2 Qute → etc etc

Can I do this in 2 steps, using my old macmini as a brdidge? Like this?
Roon core on Rock NUC - Macmini as bridge → USB → Chord 2 Qute → Musifal Fidelity ampifier - etc etcs?

Will that give me the functionality of Roon 2.0? That will help me decide if I will invest in a new MacMini silicon or do the setup with NUC and streamer.
Thanks for your recommendations

Don’t speak macOS, but considering the elderly hardware you’re using the question is whether you have or can install the necessary macOS 10.15 (Catalina) to be able to run Roon V2.0.

Buy a NUC, put a 128GB M.2 on it and 8/16GB of RAM. Install ROCK and never think about it again.

That’s not possible. Hence the migration subject.

Yeah, but I thought you were asking if you could use your Mini in some Roon capacity.

All devices must be on Roon V2.0.

Since you were contemplating feeding your Chord straight from the Mini’s USB, save yourself some money and run off the ROCK’s USB rather than inserting a streamer.

Edit: Roon Bridge can be on V1.8 and be used with V2.0

Good suggestion but I need a USB output for the DAC.
Therefore I was wondering if I can use the Macmini as a bridge for the moment, awaiting the next step adding the streamer with USB output.

NUCs have USB output. That’s how I run ROCK into my main DAC.

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Hmm, I take back my V2.0 comment.

I checked and I have an RPi running a V1.8 Bridge and feeding my headphones… I haven’t used it in a while but I assume, since I didn’t get some warning, that it will work.

Yes, this will work for you. Roon Bridge runs on macOS 10.8 (Mountain Lion.) Build 1125 (Version1.8) is the latest

Incidentally, I have the 2Qute and use a Raspberry Pi with Ropieee as the streamer. Perfect.

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That is great to know.


I did not know that was an option

Thanks again for the recommendations. I’ve purchased a NUC, that is now my core (ROCK), that is in the fuse cabinet, installed Roon Bridge on the old Mini and… yes, all fine, now able to use Roon 2.0.

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