Geek Out and Geek Pulse by Light Harmonic

Just FYI, I successfully use a Geek Out 1000 USB stick plugged into my Surface 3, and a Geek Pulse Xfi plugged into the desktop running Roon server.

They play both high res PCM and DSD without conversation. No clicks.

These are made by Light Harmonic.

I installed the standard Geek driver with default settings, which became Exclusive and Event driven.

That’s good to know, thanks for the info.

That should be “without conversion”.

I’ve also successfully connected my Geek Pulse X Infinity and have configured both it and Roon so that Roon can control the Pulse’s volume.

NOTE: With the following setup, if Roon’s volume is at 100, the Pulse will MUTE. This is a known idiosyncrasy of the Pulse. If you drop Roon’s volume down to 99, you’ll get audio output.

  1. On the Pulse, press the knob to enter setup, rotate the knob to “Volume Setting”. Press the knob to enter “Volume Setting”. Rotate knob to “USB Control”
  2. In Roon, in Setttings > Audio > “Geek Pulse” > “Advanced Settings” and make the following choices:
  • Enable “Use Exclusive Mode”
  • Enable “Use Integer Mode if supported”
  • Disable “Force Maximum Volume”
  • Disable “Disable Volume Control”
  • Disable “Max Sampel Rate (PCM)”
  • Set Rsync Delay to 100ms (This has been working for me)
  • Set DSD Playback Strategy to "DSD over PCM v1.0 (DoP)
  • Set Max DSD Sample Rate (DoP) to “Up to DSD128”

With these settings, I can control volume from Roon, mute the output by setting volume to 100, and switch all tracks of different sample rates up to DSD128 and 384kHz/32bit without a hitch.

When I adjust the volume in Roon, the Geek Pulse’s display shows the change in output in dB.

I’m pretty happy about this

Yes, this works great, thanks.
Only problem is, there is no volume control available when using another input on the Pulse. But that’s a Pulse design flaw.

I have been eyeing the Geek Pulse as an upgrade for my SBT.

With the setup described above, can you still control volume from the dial on the Pulse front panel?

Will use a low end NUC or a Raspberry as bridge Ethernet -> USB. Any experience from such a setup that you could share?

Thanks, Joachim

The Geek Pulse has a configuration setting: you can choose whether volume is controlled by the knob or over the USB connection. I have used the Pulse connected from my Roon Server NUC, and from a Sonicorbiter SE; both volume modes work fine in both cases.

I’m very pleased with the Sonicorbiter. $300, very tiny (smaller than its power wall wart), and easy to configure.

I can’t make this to work in current 1.2? Does it still work?

I’m using both, but now they are connected to a SonicOrbiter (Geek Out) and a MicroRendu (Geek Pulse Xfi) which has similar settings. They both worked directly from the Windows Roonserver, but that was probably before 1.2.

I can get Pulse to work with Roon. I just can’t get the volume control in Roon to reflect the change in volume to the Pulse display in db anymore with 1.2. :disappointed:

When I did drive the Pulse directly from Roon over USB, I don’t think the Pulse display ever reflected the software volume setting.

That said, for the Pulse I have moved back to using the knob. Reflects the over-sensitivity of the Roon volume control – nudge @mike.

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It’s actually been a while since I’ve done this.

I see now that in Settings > Audio > “Geek Pulse” > “Gear Icon”, I can select “Use Device Controls” under the General tab.

I too do not see the display on the Pulse reflect the change in audio output when I make the change in Roon.
I don’t have a confirmation that I am controlling volume with the hardware or with the software.

When the volume slider is all the way to 100, it no longer mutes, which is different. I kind of liked that mute function from before

I went back into settings > audio and I noticed that Roon was configured to output to both System Output as well as to Geek Pulse. I disabled System Output and I lost my audio. Hmmm.

After leaving setup and coming back to the music, I had to select the audio zone to which the Pulse is assigned

I still cannot affect the display of the Pulse, but going directly to the Pulse rather than using System Output improved the SQ, so I’m sticking with that.

If my setting is Use Device Controls, then I have no control and it is full volume
If my setting is DSP Volume, then the Roon volume slider works, but I have no confirmation that I am doing this across the USB connection.

I think that I have to agree with @AndersVinberg, it’s probably best to use Knob Control on the pulse and probably an Apple remote for control.

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