Geek Pulse: DSD conversion & upsampling


I have ROCK connected to a Geek Pulse, the GP has an annoying habit of muting the DAC when you switch between DSD & PCM.

I worked around this by upsampling everything to DSD128.

Everything works fine unless I pause the currently playing track and play a new track… I hear a little click and can see PCM flash on the GP LCD before it goes to DSD128, this causes the GP to mute. With Tidal it’s a bit worse, if I play a track in Tidal because there is no radio function (always shows “radio: nothing similar to play”), Tidal stops at the end of the song and if I play a new track, click and mute.

Any thoughts?

Also what are people using as a cheap DAC (under $500) that can do DSD (ROCK compatible native DSD would be good if that’s possible), I’m getting pretty sick of the GP?

Thanks for taking a look.


I’ve heard good things about the TEAC 301 and TEAC 501, you might check them out. Not sure about native DSD.

Hi @Richard_Thornton ---- Thank you for the post and sharing your feedback with us!

Moving forward, have you always noticed this behavior with the Geek Pulse or is this a relatively “new” observation you have made? I am not certain if this is possible or not based on the information in you post, but during your troubleshooting have you tried mounting the DAC to another device acting as a Roon remote to see how it performs?