General question - Swapping Cores

I would like to try ROON prior to ordering either a Streamplayer or SonicOrbiter. I currently have a humble setup, with all my music on Win10 PC, using jRiver to play through OPP UDP-203. Before I go all in, I would like to install ROON on the PC as the core/server and use it as player to the OPPO. If I end up liking the ROON interface and functionality, I will then purchase the Streamplayer or the SonicOrbiter for a permanent core/server solution and add a DAC of choice. My question: How difficult will it be to transfer from one Core (the Win10 PC) to another, maintaining settings, library, license, etc.? Thanks

It’s quite simple to swap cores. You create a backup from your existing core, then restore the backup on your new core.

Here’s the KB article: