Generic album image

I got generic pictures. Two different ones. It’s been four days now. Sweden . 100/100

Hey @bigj, is it possible you edited the images for those two albums?

  1. Click Malla Motel
  2. Click the “. . .” button, then Edit
  3. Click the Edit Album tab, then scroll down to Album Artwork
  4. What’s selected?

Prefer Roon is selected. Very strange. I took those three albums out of the library yesterday, looked them up again this morning. Found all three with cover as I did first time around. As soon as I added them to my library the covers disappear. I’ve shut the computer off two times last couple of days.

Hmm, can you send us a screenshot of the Album Artwork section of the Edit Album tab?

Strange! I just deleted “Tokig” and added it again. Then I get this

Seconds ago I made Roon identify album. I got “ Tokig” with cover. Saved that and it comes up without.

Hi @bigj, could you make a recording of what you’re seeing here?

Hey! Both Tokig and Malla Motel takes a very long time to add.At least a couple of minutes. Actually Malla Motel won’t add. I gave up on Tokig but after 10 minutes it was added ( without cover).

Looked up cover for Tokig online added to pictures on my iPad. Tried this: