Genre browsing outside of one's library

When I start browsing a genre (e.g. “Americana”, “Close Harmony”, …), Roon only displays albums/artists that are already in my library. It would be much more interesting to see stuff that isn’t already in my library, so that I can find NEW music. This could be similar to what is displayed in AllMusic when browsing genres, i.e. Album/Artist Highlights. Afaics, Rovi is already integrated with Roon, so this should not be all too difficult. Ideally, I would then be able to immediately listen to those albums/artists via Tidal. Something similar to the artist page, where I first can see the albums in my collection, and then other albums that exist in Tidal, but are not (yet) in my collection/library.

I hope that I was able to express what I am thinking, if it is not clear, please let me know :slight_smile:

And last but not least: thanks Roon, for the excellent software, and especially your recent BlueSound integration!