Genre definition [Solved]


I read in the Roon knowledge base that genres can be fully edited, which is a very good thing.

It is also stated that genre names can be re-written. Does this mean that it is possible to rename a Roon’s genre? (this is what is suggested by the given example with “Prog Rock” vs “Progressive Rock”)
And also: is it possible, in Roon, to rename a genre extracted from the file tags?
I have tried to rename these two types of genres, but I didn’t find how to do it (in the Genre mapping editor). Am I missing someting?

Unless the only way to rename a Roon’s genre is to map the genre with a genre extracted from the file tag?
But in my case, the genre names in my file tags are not the ones that I want to use in Roon (because I didn’t initially conceive them in the context of the hierarchical structure of Roon; for example, I have a genre named “Rock: Progressive Rock”, and I would like to rename it “Progressive Rock” in Roon).
If the only way to rename a Roon’s genre is via this mapping with the genres extracted from the file tags, then that means that I have to rename the genres in my file tags (with mp3tag, for example).

Am I right?

Thank you very much,

In settings under genre mapping, you can set any of your genre tags to appear as any of Roon’s tags. So, in my music I have Jazz, Jazzz., Jazz>Jazz>Jazz, and Jaz as genre tags in my files. I could either track down the individual tracks and fix them (which I still might do) or I can map all those genre errors to Roon’s Jazz. The same for prog rock. In my system, I have Prog-rock, progressive Rock, Prog Rock, Prog/Rock. Instead of re-doing the tags in the original files, I setup a Progressive Rock genre and mapped all my variations to it.

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Thank you for your answer.
But what do you mean by “settings under genre mapping”? Do you mean that in the “Edit Genre Mapping” window, I should see a “Settings” button? But there is no such button.
I understand from your answer that instead of renaming an existing genre (which would not be possible), I have to create a new one and, after that, map all the variations of this genre to it. Is this correct?
But I still do not see how to create a new genre in Roon. Do I have to click on the green “Add tag” button (located beside the other genres of the album)? Or is there another way to do it?
I added a new tag (“aaa”) to an album, and then I opened the “Edig Genre Mapping” window in order to see if it was possible to map other genres to the new “aaa” genre, but that didn’t work.
I have the impression that I am missing something (which is probably very simple).
Thank you again for your help.

What Daniel was saying was to get to the Edit Genre Mapping under the settings menu.

Genres can’t be renamed. Genres from Roon or from your file tags can be edited to make them top-level genres or sub genres. Their descriptions can be edited too. This is done in the Genre Browser.

As for Genre Mapping, it’s only necessary to use it when you have Show Genres from File Tags set to Yes under Settings > General.

On the left side, you have all the genres from your file tags. On the right, you have the results where Roon has tried to match your tags to Roon Genres. If you see a Roon logo next to the genre on the right, then Roon was able to automatically match your tag with a Roon Genre.

If there’s no logo, then Roon did not match it to a Roon genre. So, this Genre will be available to you within Roon. It’s also automatically made into a top-level genre (not sub genre). You can make it a sub genre of another genre, if you want, as I mentioned above.

You can still also match it to a Roon genre manually, if you want.

If you haven’t meticulously groomed you file tags with genres, you may just want to use Roon’s genres. You can still manually edit albums genres within Roon.

Let me know if that helps.

Cheers, Greg

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Thank you Greg. Yes, it is clearer now.

So, if I want to use a genre named “Progressive Rock” in Roon, and if that genre doesn’t exist in my file tags, I first have to tag my files with that name in the Genre tag. After that, Ronn will “import” that genre and I will be able to use it (e.g., by making it a sub genre etc).

Is that right?


Roon has a Progressive Rock genre, it’s called Prog-Rock. It’s kind of hard to find, but it’s a sub genre of Pop/Rock.

If you go into the Genre Browser and select Pop/Rock, scroll down to Sub Genres and click view all 84, it will list them in alphabetical order. There’s lots of genres!

In Settings > General, do you have Use Roon Genres set to Yes?

Are you wanting to use Genres from your file tags because there are genres that aren’t available in Roon?

Cheers, Greg

You can do that, or you can create the genre in Roon by clicking Edit, and entering the Genre name where the little pencil is.

You can do this on album or artist pages, or by selecting multiple items and editing them all.

I know that there is a genre called Prog-Rock in Roon.
It was just an example that I took from the Roon User Guide (one might prefer to use the name “Progressive Rock” than “Prog-Rock”…).

I confirm that Use Roon Genres is set to Yes.

And yes, I want to use some of the Genres from my file tags (for example: “Chanson française”).

My initial question was to know whether it is possible, within Roon, to create new genres and/or to rename genres (a possibility which is actually suggested in the Roon User Guide: “Roon supports mapping genres extracted from your file tags when they’re brought into Roon. This mapping allows you to: Re-write genre names. This is common for near misses like “Prog Rock” vs “Progressive Rock” or “Post Bop” vs “Post-Bop””).


Thank you very much Mike!
It works! :slight_smile: