Genre display based on browsing, for custom albums

I browse by genre and select an album and see all songs within it. However only 2 songs fit in that genre. How about something that hides the rest and says, “Hey there are other songs in this album, do you want to also see them?” The answer would usually be no.

I was wondering why one of my albums kept coming up in the Radio queue despite not being part of the genre I was playing.


I currently have the “next-up” Radio feature turned off (or, I thought I did?) for playback behavior, but since I began playing something in my “Christmas” genre others within that genre have followed. OK.

But here comes something from an album that only has 2 Christmas songs in it and about 10 pop songs. Any of the non-Christmas songs will be played.

roon is looking at the album as a whole and applying both Pop and Christmas labels to all songs there, which isn’t true at all.I have Use genres extracted from song tags, however this was not initially turned on.

Which brings me to another question, if I need to rescan the library for this setting to kick in (and I’m not convinced it should have to be … ) why wouldn’t this have been suggested to me at the time?

An example: Tony Bennet’s 1998 commercial release, The Playground has 16 jazz or pop songs and Track 17 is a Christmas song. The entire album is presented as being Holiday/Christmas for me when that’s how I browse … and if Radio is enabled any of those songs would be included in the mix.