Genre Edits Don’t Seem To Work For Me


I’ve been a Roon users for a bit over a year now. It is clearly top notch. At this point, I can’t imagine being without. Thank you Roon!

My situation: I still struggle with editing genres. For example, I’ll edit a genre via the metadata panel. For example, I’ll uncheck a genre that is clearly incorrect. After saving, I’ll go back and review all albums within the genre, and the album is still displayed within the incorrect genre.

Any advice or direction would be most appreciated.

Is Roon set to use your metadata, its own, or both?

Hi evand, and thanks for the quick reply. Full disclosure here, I’m a bit dense with this stuff.

It’s set to use Roon. Perhaps that’s my problem and I should fiddle with these settings…???

If you have genres you’re happy with try turning off Roon’s.

Thanks - I’ll give it a whirl. Much appreciated!!

Hi Kevin,

You don’t have to switch to your own file tags for this to work. I use Roon data and am able to edit genres.

I edit an album using the 3 dots menu and go to the Edit Album tab.

If I click and remove a check mark, or if I search and add a new one, it works for me. Make sure you Save.

Is this where you are trying to edit the genres?

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg

Yes — that’s where I’ve been trying to make edits. For example,
I’ve unchecked the Jazz genre for Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, but it continues to display within the Jazz genre:

I’m stumped, and appreciated your response.


Hi Kevin,

Ok, I see the problem.

You still have World Fusion checked, which is a Subgenre of Jazz.

In order to not have an album to show when focusing on a Genre (ie Jazz), to have to make sure you remove all Subgenres from the album too.

This has always been how Focus has worked.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Greg

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That did it, Greg. Thanks for the fix, as well as helping me understand it.

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