Genre filter not showing NRfY

I can’t see the Genre sorting in Recommended Albums For You. How do we get this feature? Maybe it has to be switched on in Settings? Anyone know?

It is only shown if view all in New Releases is clicked/tapped, and not at all in Recommended for You. Have you done that and still not seeing it?

Edit. Another thought - you have to have a subscription to Tidal or Qobuz

Having checked I cannot see anywhere called Recommended For You. I think that’s only visible during play in the right side of the screen. Sorry, my error there.

Anyhow, still after clicking View All in the New Releases For You area, I still don’t see Genres.

I’ve move your posts to a new #support topic. We’ll try and get things sorted here rather than the old thread.

Can you provide a screenshot of what you see after clicking on view all?

Yes, I have a Tidal sub and can see lots of New Releases For You, but not in Genres and no tabs to select Genres as was suggested in the new build. Do I have to reboot my Nucleus perhaps?

That is always a good idea in cases like this. Go ahead and let me know how you get on.

Just rebooted, no effect.

I did notice that my Nucleus is on build 521 but my iPad is on 511. Is that as it should be?

No. The iPad needs to be on 521 as well.

Ok thanks, how do I update the iPad please?

I dont have Apple stuff, but I believe you go to the App Store and tap on the updates tab. There should be a Roon update showing as available.

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Just checked, there is no update available in the App Store or Roon itself that I can see.

No idea what to do.

Ok. This sometimes happens. Try deleting the Roon Remote app on your iPad, and then go to App Store and re-download the app. This has resolved similar issues in the past.

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A quick thought, try rebooting iPad first. Might save a bit of time.

Just deleted the Roon app, then downloaded it again. It’s downloaded the 511 version.

Ok. Beyond me. I’m bringing in the experts. Flagging @dylan
He (or someone equivalent) will be in touch when this reaches head of their queue.

Just noticed on the App Store the only version available is 511, 521 is not there yet.

It seems there is a problem with app store and latest updates here as well.

It seems you’ll just have to wait.

(Apologies, I hadn’t seen that thread before)


According to someone else in the forum from the UK, the update should be there now.


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