Genre images can be improved - Mad Professor's forehead does not represent dub well

Been meaning to share this for a while. I love the Mad Professor and he’s been fundamental to dub music despite recent Babylonian critiques. So in some ways his brain, I suppose, is where his dub magic comes from, but having his forehead display the way it does is weird. This happens for reggae genre too.

Hey @sonic_fanatic,

Thanks so much for reporting this. It’s been a while (so sorry about the delay :pleading_face:) and I was wondering if you’re still seeing the above image? On my end I see this:

Hi @beka I see the same as before likely related to that’s the artist with the most amount of dub albums.

Hey @sonic_fanatic,

Thanks for confirming and for your incredible patience. I have taken this to our team - please, bear with us a little bit - it might take them some time to circle back :pray: