Genre info on "new releases for you"

One of the things I really miss the most in Roon is genre info in the overview pages and now more then ever in the “new releases for you” section.

To browse through music I don’t know it is of tremendous help if there is some more information shown besides an artist name and album title. A genre tag for instance would be very helpfull. I would als like to see that in the album browser. We have all sorts of none music related information like bitrates and formats etc etc which are nice to know but in my opinion could be buried away and make place for usefull music related information. Please put the music first, technicalities second. I for one would be way more pleased with genre tags.


By the way, I find the “new releases for you” page a whole lot better looking allready than the dreadfull album browser. Better spaced, better readable, better viewable, more information on first sight. Now some more information like genre info and finally we are getting somewhere. The album browser (still don’t like it a bit) is nothing more than cramped together album pictures with next to none information, it is lightyears outdated. Common guys, please redesign this part of the interface.

It also would be much more consistant for the user interface if the “new releases for you” had it’s own side tab just like the “artist”, “albums” etc. After all, clicking on the “new releases for you” in the overview page brings you to a similar page like the album browser.

Every update there are new features that have a fresh new design, why not redesign older features accordingly. Some parts are really in for a freshing up, some parts are screaming for a complete redesign for years like the nerve wracking track sorting.

Does not need it’s own tab, but it should be under Discovery like it is on mobile as that’s what it’s for and makes more sense.

I would like some further grouping there as well, way all over the place right now.