Genre listed with album view

I enjoying looking in Roon for the Qobuz new releases. One of the nice things about Roon is finding new and old artists I’ve never heard of and playing a few tracks to see if is something id like to learn more about. However there are too many choices to take a listen to all of them so I need to be selective. The genre tag is a away to determine if it’s something to my taste but this is only visible after you click on the album. Is there a way to show the genre of the Qobuz new releases other than opening the a file?

Not in Home > Qobuz > New Releases as far as I can tell. However, the Qobuz > Playlists have playlists for new releases at least.

If you had Tidal, in Home > Tidal > Explore there are Genres, and within the genres the new releases have their own category

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In Home>Qobuz you can select the genre in the top right hand corner. Does that help?

Nice catch