Genre mapping showing genres not in my files

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SonicTransporter i7 running Roon 1.8

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Roon is now showing unrecognized or wanted genres in the genre screen, so I went to settings: library:genre mappings to see if this could be fixed. There are 2 columns, “genres from your files” and “genres in Roon.” The genres in the former list, from my files, are absolutely not from my files, which I have carefully groomed to my own preferences. There are at least two dozen genres shown that are not in the genre field of any of my files. Where is Roon getting these from, since they’re not from my files?

Do you use MusicBrainz at all? Roon also picks up on the “Style” tags and uses them for genres.

No, I don’t use MusicBrainz and have no “style” field in my tags.

I just looked and it is the same for me. It is listing all possible Genres that Roon could recognize from your files, not only the ones in your files. I guess it is so that you can map genres for future reference.

Well, that doesn’t make much sense - so I have to map a bunch of meaningless genres because Roon thinks they might relate to my music, even though they’re not in my files?

You don’t have to map anything. It is only there in case you want to. If you leave it alone the genres will appear exactly how you have them in your file.

Hi @antonmb

Apologies for the delay! Our team’s queue is longer than typical at the moment, but we’re working to get back to everyone as quickly as we can.

With Roon 1.8 we now show all of the genres that Roon uses, even if you don’t have any content with that genre. This allows you to browse these genres and use the new Valence features.

That didn’t address my question. In settings: library:genre mappings, the left column specifically says “genres from your files,” not genres from Roon, but the genres are not from my files.

If you choose to use your Genres in the Genre settings, then your unique Genres will show up in the Genre section; ALONG WITH, all the other Roon Genres.

Your real question, I think, is “How do I turn off Roon Genres so that they do not appear in the Genre screen and it only shows my genres”.

And the answer, as far as I know, is that option is not currently available, but, would make a great Feature Request.

Please note, I am not official Roon support just another user.

Thanks, I’ve understood this. In the past we could select the genres to show, so I guess it would be a request to undo a “feature.” However my question still remains as to why in the settings Roon calls the genres listed as from my library when they’re not.

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